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            Troubleshoot No Sleep Detected

            SleepMatic needs to have access to data stored in HealthKit to properly detect sleep. If no sleep is auto detected, follow these steps to check:

            1. First please make sure you had wear your watch to sleep in the last 24 hours. Watch must be on your wrist to collect overnight data.
            2. Check if SleepMatic is able to read HealthKit data. The easiest way is adjusting the sensitivity in settings

            If a popup shows "No Sleep" no matter what sensitivity level you set, SleepMatic could not read any HealthKit data. Try the following to check what the problem is:

            2a. Check if we have the authorization to read HealthKit.
                  - Go to the Health app on iPhone and switch to the "Source Tab"
                  - Scroll down to SleepMatic, click in
                  - Make sure all permissions are turned on (we need all permissions that we ask for). If not, click "Turn All Categories On".

            2b. Check if there is HealthKit data collected overnight
                  - Go to the Health app on iPhone and switch to the "Source Tab"
                  - Scroll down and under devices choose your apple watch.
                  - Select Active Energy to see if you have continuous data recorded overnight
                  - Select Heart Rate to see if you have continuous data recorded overnight

            If no data is recorded overnight, here are a few things to check to make sure you have the right setup.

            2b1: Make sure Heart Rate measurement is on. Apple Watch app on phone, make sure Privacy->Motion & Fitness->Heart Rate option is turned on.

            2b2: Make sure Heart Rate measurement is always on. Apple Watch app on phone, make sure General->Workout Power Saving Mode is off. When it is on, HR measurement may be off during sleep.

            2b3: Please make sure your watch and phone are connected. e.g. both Bluetooth on.

            2b4: Restart both the phone and watch to reset the communication between them.  

            2b5: Make sure wear watch snugly over your wrist to ensure continuous heart rate reading

            2b6: Make sure in Apple Watch app on phone, General->Wrist Detection is turned on. One user reported this setting makes a difference in data collection.

            3. Other measures:

            We have seen in a very rare case where data coming from Apple Watch is not properly marked to have been collected by Apple Watch. Below is a procedure recommended by Apple Support to reset pairing. Try this as a last resort if nothing works.

            3a. Unpair watch from iPhone.
            3b. Do an unencrypted backup from my iPhone to my computer (through iTunes) to eliminate the Health app data and duplicate watch sources.
            3c. Wipe the iPhone completely and then restore from the backup.
            3d. Re-pair the watch to iPhone.
            3e. Rerun the health apps (like SleepMatic) and enable access to Health data.
            3f. Install apps on watch and initialize.

            The Health app now shows heart rate and other watch-generated health data, including SleepMatic results.

            4. No sleep data unless open app

            If your sleep data is not reported unless you open up the app, it is likely that we do not have a chance to run at all. In Settings app, please turn on General->Background App Refresh->Background App Refresh. Even though SleepMatic may not be listed there, Background App Refresh needs to be enabled to give the app time to run.
            Updated: 22 Jul 2017 09:09 AM
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