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            How to use Smart Alarm

            Sleepmatic tracks your sleep patterns and wakes you up during light sleep. Waking up during light sleep feels like waking up naturally rested without an alarm clock.

            This is an experimental feature currently due to a communication bug in the current WatchOS. Please make sure to set a backup alarm in case WatchOS misbehaves. 

            The following steps are required in order for smart alarm to work.

            Requirements :
            1. Installed Sleepmatic Apple Watch App
            2. Active Sleepmatic Complication on watch face
            3. Apple watch must be unlocked state before going to bed

            Sample Active Complication

            *If you don't want the complication always on you active watch face you can put the complication to a watch face you would like to use when sleeping. But please remember to switch to your sleeping watch face before sleeping.

            Start Smart Alarm :
            1. Force touch on the Sleepmatic app.
            2. Setup the wake up windows
            Force Touch to Launch Menu

            Set Alarm Window

            Tap the hour (the left) picker, or the minute (the right) picker, then turn the crown to set the alarm time. 

            Snooze Alarm
            When snoozing alarm, Sleepmatic will look for the next light sleep during the wake up window to wake you up. If you keep snoozing the alarm after the wake up window the alarm will sound every 5 minutes.

            - A notification will popup to ask you whether you want to Snooze/Stop alarm.
            - or Click on the the complication on the watch face to launch the Sleepmatic app and a popup will ask you whether you want to snooze or stop.

            Stop Alarm
            - Opening the phone app will always stop playing the alarm sound.

            Debug log
            Alarm may not work all the time due to phone/watch communication problem. Reboot the watch will reset the communication, which may fix any alarm problem you are experiencing.

            If you want to check if you are experiencing problems other than communication problems, you can send a log to us as follows:

            1. On the Set Alarm Window on watch, force touch, click "Send Debug Log"
            2. Open Phone app, complete and send the email from phone. 
            Updated: 01 Oct 2017 12:19 AM
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