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            How to select a golf course that is not closest?

            There are two ways if you want to select a different course other than the closest.

            From phone:

            To start a round on a course further away on phone, do the following: 
            1. Click "Find nearby courses" (location icon) icon on phone on the top right corner
            2. Choose the desired course from the nearest 10 that pops up. 
            If you want to start the round on the watch, further completes the following steps:
            1. Click "Start" to start the round on phone. If watch is nearby, a synchronization message is sent to watch. The watch should show the same course, and a "Resume" button on the home screen. Tap the screen to refresh if needed. 
            2. If watch is not synchronized, pause the round on phone, then resume the round, which will attempt to synchronize again. 
            3. When the Watch screen looks like follows, click "Resume" on watch to start the round. 
            You can leave the phone behind at this point. The watch has downloaded the course information locally. It does not need Internet connection anymore. Enjoy your round phone-free!


            From watch:

            Force touch watch screen, choose "nearby", then select one of 10 nearest courses.
            Updated: 27 Apr 2018 03:27 AM
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