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Why my chip shot not detected?

TrackMyGolf currently only detects a full golf swing or a putt, it does not detect chip shot yet due to the wide variation of swings among our users.
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    • Troubleshoot No Sleep Detected

      SleepMatic needs to have access to data stored in HealthKit to properly detect sleep. If no sleep is auto detected, there could be several things wrong. We have built-in several diagnostics in the Settings tab to help you figure out what went wrong. ...
    • Why my golf swing is not detected?

      The most common reason is that your setting for Crown and Wrist preference does not match how you wear your watch. Also, make sure watch is on left hand if you are a right-handed golfer, and watch is on right hand if you are a left-handed golfer. 
    • Why my putt is not detected?

      If a putt is not detected, try to make a firm grip on the leading hand (left hand for right-handed golfer, or right hand for left-handed golfer). The detection algorithm is checking for the impact of ball on the club, and a firmer grip will ensure ...
    • My Sleep is not Accurate or Not Detected

      Everyone is a little different. Starting from ver2.3 we enable changing the sensitivity manually which let you see how you sleep instantly.  Past sleeps won't be changed but current and on going sleep will use the new sensitivity.
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      Check out a quick video tutorial: Or go through app flow TrackMyGolf supports two score tracking modes Simple mode: tracks just the total strokes every hole. Use Simple when - you want faster play (do not hold up group behind you), just input score ...