Troubleshoot No Sleep Detected

Troubleshoot No Sleep Detected

SleepMatic needs to have access to data stored in HealthKit to properly detect sleep. If no sleep is auto detected, there could be several things wrong. We have built-in several diagnostics in the Settings tab to help you figure out what went wrong.

1. Check Access permission

First, we need to make sure the app has permission to read data from HealthKit. Run Diagnostic #1. If it outputs the following screen with all green checkmarks, you have set the permission correctly 

If you have red crosses, some permissions are not given. Please go to the Settings app on phone, Privacy->Health->SleepMatic and turn on all options (or go to the Health app, Sources->SleepMatic->Turn All Categories On). 

Due to HealthKit limitations, in diagnostic #1, you could still get the red crosses for read permissions if you did not wear your watch for the last 24 hours. But if you did wear the watch, and the permissions are given, but diagnostic #1 says no read permission, try this procedure. 
  1. Health app, sources tab->SleepMatic-> turn off all permissions
  2. Reboot phone
  3. Reboot watch
  4. Health app, sources tab->SleepMatic-> turn on all permissions

2. Check if Heart Rate data is collected overnight

SleepMatic needs to have heart rate data in order to detect sleep properly. Even if you grant the permission, but your watch failed to collect heart rate data, we could not detect sleep properly. Run Diagnostic #2 to check what heart rate data has been collected, as shown in the following figure. 

Please make sure, during your sleep period, the graph shows green, meaning heart rate data has been collected. Instead of using Diagnostic #2, you can also go into the Health app, Health Data tab->Heart->Heart Rate (the info button)->Show All Data to see whether it is missing. Please also check Sources tab->Apple Watch->Heart Rate, to make sure it is your watch that is collecting the data. 

Ideally, you should also check if Steps, Active Energy, Resting Energy data are reported correctly too, but it is not common to be missing those data. 

If Heart Rate data is missing overnight, please contact Apple support to figure out what went wrong with the watch. We do not control heart rate collection, we are merely reading data collected by your watch. Common things to check include:

2a: Make sure Heart Rate measurement is on. Apple Watch app on phone, make sure Privacy->Motion & Fitness->Heart Rate option is turned on.

2b: Make sure Heart Rate measurement is always on. Apple Watch app on phone, make sure General->Workout Power Saving Mode is off. When it is on, HR measurement may be off during sleep.

2c: Please make sure your watch and phone are connected. e.g. both Bluetooth on, and you are not in AirPlane mode.

2d: Restart both the phone and watch to reset the communication between them.  

2e: Make sure wear watch snugly over your wrist to ensure continuous heart rate reading

2f: Make sure in Apple Watch app on phone, General->Wrist Detection is turned on. One user reported this setting makes a difference in data collection.

2g: If you set a passcode, make sure to enter the passcode after you put the watch on. 

2h: Make sure watch is sufficiently charged so that it does not go into power saving mode. All sensors are disabled in power saving mode. 

3. Check background permission

If your sleep data is not reported unless you open up the app, it is likely that we do not have a chance to run at all. Run Diagnostic #3, if it says no permission is given, follow the instruction to enable background processing (in Settings app, please turn on General->Background App Refresh->Background App Refresh).

4. Tune Sensitivity

If you set Sensitivity too low, the app could be thinking you are sitting down watching TV, instead of detecting that as a sleep. You should try adjust Sensitivity up to check. Run Diagnostic #4, or click the Edit button on the top right of the first tab.

Any time you change the Sensitivity settings, the app would immediately re-analyze the last sleep. If you increase Sensitivity, it should detect more as being asleep. If this is inaccurate, you should decrease Sensitivity so that the app can filter out your sedentary time. 

5. Other settings:

If still no sleep is detected, you can try adjust down the "minimum sleep length" settings. If you wake up frequently, each sleep segment could be small, and if it is smaller than this setting, we would not report it as a sleep. After change this setting, you must change the Sensitivity setting to trigger sleep analysis again.

6. Other measures

We have seen in a very rare case where data coming from Apple Watch is not properly marked to have been collected by Apple Watch. Below is a procedure recommended by Apple Support to reset pairing. Try this as a last resort if nothing works.

6a. Unpair watch from iPhone.
6b. Do an unencrypted backup from my iPhone to my computer (through iTunes) to eliminate the Health app data and duplicate watch sources.
6c. Wipe the iPhone completely and then restore from the backup.
6d. Re-pair the watch to iPhone.
6e. Rerun the health apps (like SleepMatic) and enable access to Health data.
6f. Install apps on watch and initialize.

7. Other problems

We have users reporting the SleepMatic app is not showing up in the Apple Watch app as a watch app. If this happens, please reboot the phone.
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