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TrackMyGolf Apple Watch Tutorial

Check out a video tutorial:

Or go through the app flow.

There are two score tracking modes: Simple and Pro. 

Simple mode

Tracks just the total strokes every hole. Use Simple when
- you want faster play (do not hold up group behind you), just input score and go
- you want to save battery

Pro mode

Tracks shot by shot. Every shot is tagged with the GPS location and the club used. Use pro when
- you want club stats, like how far you hit each club
- you want swing feedbacks, e.g., tempo, and advanced swing analysis stats (swing angle, swing path etc.)
- you want putt feedback, e.g., putt angle and timing


- App will auto advance hole when you walk away from green. 

- Do not worry about app auto capturing practice swings. They will be removed when the real swing is captured later.
- You can turn off audio feedback when swings are auto captured.

- If watch is asking you to sign up Premium, or asking you to login, and you have done both on phone, reboot watch to reset communication link. Whenever you start game on watch, it asks phone for latest status, it must have failed to connect to phone.


Watch related settings are in the Apple Watch app:

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