SleepMatic Tutorial

SleepMatic Tutorial

How to use:

1. Follow onboarding process to setup. Most importantly, you must authorize HealthKit as shown in below picture. 

2. Wear watch to bed. In the morning, open app to see sleep report, or wait for auto sleep/nap notification later in the day.

If sleep report is not accurate, click top right button to adjust sensitivity. 

- Smaller sensitivity value:  Minor movements in bed may be considered as sign of you waking up.
- Bigger sensitivity value: Must move more in bed to be considered as sign of you waking up.

If still not accurate, tap the pen icon to manually modify sleep time. (This only modifies the sleep in the last 24 hours)

Check sleep history

Tap "Trend" tab.
- Swipe the top chart left or right to show between hours chart or heart rate chart. 
- Tap a row to see details of a past night

Adjust settings

Click "Settings" tab

- Minimum Sleep Length:   How long an inactivity should be before it is considered as a nap. If your short nap is not detected, set this shorter. If you sitting on couch is detected as nap, set this longer.

- Maximum Wake Time:   If you wake up for a long time at night, we report the before and after as separate sleeps. Set this longer if you want them to be reported as a single sleep.

Note: Smart Alarm capability is in a separate app. 

For more details, see the app flow:

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